Sprouted wheat. Part 2

I dehydrated the first batch for 24 hours and the weight reduced from 400 to 379 grams. Next time I will reduce the dehydrating time, since the wheat is drier than when it started.

Tip: Plan the timing well. The first batch took 10 hours, after soaking for 12 hours, to reach the proper progression of germination. The second batch took 17 hours. That means you’ll be staying up to work on it in the wee hours to prevent over progression. So my plan on the current batch is to start soaking at 10am, which will start dehydration at 10pm, and hopefully reach proper germination over night and into tomorrow before too late tomorrow night.

Update: The second batch dehydrated for 16 hours instead of 24 as on the first batch, and lost 19 grams. Almost the same as the first batch. Maybe 12 hours dehydrating on the next batch.

Update: Third batch went 13 hours and lost 20 grams, so 12 hours is a definite. Next up, grind, mix, and bake.

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