Weights and measures

My digital kitchen scale is an essential tool in my kitchen. It is more accurate and gives consistent results. The old “scoop and swipe” way to measure flour is not consistent because the density of the flour is not consistent. Fluffy at the top of the container or packed at the bottom give inconsistent measuring. There are many models and price ranges, but the one I’ve been using for many years is about $15 at Amazon.

small scale

Not only is the scale more accurate, it’s easier and reduces cleanup. Here’s how: Place your mixing bowl on the scale, turn the scale on and you see it’s at zero. That means you are only measuring the weight of what you add to the bowl, not the bowl itself. To get to that point, either turn it on after you put your container on it, or hit the “Tare” button. You add one ingredient and then hit the tare. Now you’re cleared to add the next ingredient. Of course, you have to know the weight of the ingredients, but many baking recipes are giving weights now. It’s easier because you don’t have measuring cups and spoons to clean. Remember the last time you added honey? Not only did you have to wash the cup or measuring spoon before you could use it again, but how much honey went into the bowl and how much stayed in the spoon or measuring cup?

With a scale, you will want to convert your recipes from volume to weight. To aid you in this conversion I have added below a chart that gives most baking measurements. I have a printout of this attached to my fridge by magnet. I gleaned the chart from a much larger chart at King Arthur Flour. Copy and paste into a Word document and print it for easy referral.

Ingredient Volume Ounces Grams
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon 4
Baking Soda 1 teaspoon 6
Bananas, mashed 1 cup 8 227
Barley, cooked 1 CUP 7 5/8 215
Brown Sugar, packed 1 cup 7 ½ 213
Buttermilk, Yoghurt, Sour Cream 1 tablespoon ½ 14
Cocoa 2 tablespoons   11
Corn Meal 1 cup 4 7/8 138
Egg, Large 1 50
Flaxseed Meal 1 cup 3 ½ 100
Flour, All Purpose 1 cup 4 ¼ 120
Flour, Almond 1 cup 3 3/8 96
Flour, Bread 1 cup 4 ¼ 120
Flour, Chickpea (Besan) 1 cup 3 ½ 100
Flour, Durum 1 cup 4 3/8 124
Flour, Oat 1 cup 3 ¼ 92
Flour, Rye 1 cup 3 5/8 103
Flour, Spelt 1 cup 3 ½ 100
Flour, Sprouted Wheat 1 cup 4 113
Flour, Unbleached Pastry 1 cup 3 ¾ 106
Flour, Whole Wheat 1 cup 4 113
Flour, Whole Wheat Pastry 1 cup 3 3/8 96
Garlic, minced 2 tablespoons 1 28
Honey 1 tablespoon ¾ 21
Oats, rolled, raw 1 cup 3 ½ 100
Oats, steel cut, raw 1 cup 7 198
Oil 1 cup 7 198
Vital Wheat Gluten 2 tablespoons   18
Salt 1 teaspoon 6
Sourdough Starter 1 cup 8 ½ 240
Sugar 1 cup 7 198
Water 1 cup 8 227
Wheat Germ ¼ cup 1 28


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