Bulk Ferment Container

The first rising of your dough is called the “bulk ferment” (BF) and the final rising is the “final proof” (FP).

Recipes say, “Place dough in an oiled bowl. Cover and allow to rise until doubled.” Right? Most say something like that. But I can’t tell when looking at it in several hours or tomorrow if it has doubled. It looks bigger than when it started, but has it doubled? Hard to tell.

Here’s a way to make it easier and take the guessing out. Get a BF containercontainer. You can buy it online from some bread sites for about $10 plus shipping. Or, if you have a restaurant supply nearby, the little tub (4 liter size) sells for about $6, including the lid. Either source is your choice. It’s food grade plastic and don’t forget the lid, which might be sold separately. Put it on a scale and mark it up with a pitcher of water for more accurate quantity.  A piece of clear tape over the hand-written measurements keep them from smudging. Lightly coat the inside with oil to have the dough slide out easily.

Won’t change your life but it will make it a tiny bit easier.


Addendum: I just discovered another good reason for having several of these containers. They hold five pounds of flour. A good looking canister on my shelf!

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