Sourdough Cornbread


Who doesn’t like cornbread? Right? This is my first time on this recipe and I chose it because 1) it uses sourdough starter discard, and 2) it doesn’t require cream of tartar, since I don’t have any.

I do not like to throw away anything good food. Maintaining starter involves throwing some away but I save about a pint of discard in the fridge, just for using in recipes for scones and crackers. Now I have a cornbread recipe in my toolkit. I used whole grain flour along with whole grain corn. All better.

I obtained the recipe from The Gingered Whisk. The recipe is for an 8″ skillet but my cast iron skillet is 12″ so I doubled the recipe and it was perfect. I didn’t even have to get my calculator out to do the pi r squared thingy. Or ask my 16yo daughter to do it. (I did tell her about it so she could see how geometry is used in real life. She wasn’t impressed. She’s 16.) Also, add about 10 minutes cooking time at 350. And if you use a cast iron skillet, oil it and put in oven before you preheat.

It’s a keeper recipe. Very good. Slightly sweet. I’m from Texas. I’ve seen it said that there is tradition that only Northerners like sweet cornbread, meaning Southerners like it non-sweetened. I’m a Texan, not a Southerner. I like it sweet.

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