Sourdough Rye Bread

The first and last rye bread I baked was many years ago. It was a door stop. Inedible. Embarrassing.

I have thought about that loaf a lot over the years so I wanted to redeem myself. I just baked a rye loaf that resembles my first in appearance but is in a different world in taste and texture.  I found the recipe on a baking FB group but I don’t remember which one or who posted it. I’m sure I’ll run across it.

The recipe as posted was 100% rye but I subbed 40g bread flour to help with the rise. So it’s 89% rye as I baked it. Better than store-bought. It tastes like rye and has a soft and relatively open crumb. It’s a small loaf and as you can see, it’s not so high. Toasted with fresh homemade yogurt, or butter, or coconut oil slathered on generously…so good. Recipe is below the pics. I used a 100% hydration all rye starter and sprouted rye flour.

Almost Totally Rye (89%)

100% Hydration

First create a levain: 200g water, 150g rye flour and 150g older sourdough starter. Mix well and BF at RT about 12 hours covered.

Add 160g rye flour, 40g bread flour, 150g water, and 8g salt.

Mix well and let it rest well covered for about 50 minutes.

3 times each 50 minutes mix well and let it rest. Place in oiled pan.

Cover again and FP in fridge for min 8 hours. Take out, on counter at RT for 2 hours.

Bake in preheated oven at 465 degrees F. for 50 minutes. Internal 200-210F. Check at 45 minutes.

If it comes out a bit too wet when taking out of the baking pan just put it to the oven for more about 5 minutes without pan.


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