Sourdough 70% Rye Bread

Like rye bread? Do you often buy rye at the grocery? Look at the ingredient label on most commercial rye breads and you’ll usually find the first ingredient to be wheat flour. The second is water and the third is rye flour. Usually. Nothing wrong with that, but if you really like rye, try this recipe. You may never want to buy rye again.

This no-knead rye recipe is 70% whole grain rye flour and 30% white bread flour. It tastes of rye, loudly and strongly. It’s a keeper. Here’s the ingredient list:

125 grams dark rye flour

125 grams water
1 Tbsp mature starter

Final Dough
350 grams dark rye flour
150 grams white bread flour
10 grams sea salt
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
250 grams rye sourdough starter (see step one)
475 grams warm water

I made some minor changes. I used organic rye from Country Life Natural Foods and I sprouted (and dehydrated) the rye before milling it. I added 1 T. fennel seeds and 1 t. anise seeds, but except for a light aftertaste, the spices were overpowered by the rye. (I was trying to mimic the OMG Rye Bread we love.)

I may have over proofed it because the loaf flattened slightly in the oven. It is a much higher hydration than I have ever baked, at 96%. That rate almost scared me away from trying this recipe. I was cautioned against jumping the clock with slicing, telling me to wait 12-24 hours, but who can do that on a new recipe? Especially with the aroma this loaf filled my home with. I waited 8 hours to slice this loaf but I will heed the caution better next time and wait at least 12 hours. It was a little gummy in the center but that was easily remedied by the toaster. I will probably sub vital wheat gluten for some of the white bread flour to give it a little more lift.

My source for this recipe can be found at Mr. Homegrown’s excellent website, Root Simple.


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