OMG Sourdough Rye-Next Chapter



And I’m sure there will be more chapters coming.

Look back on this blog for more posts on this favorite bread.  I have baked it many times and followed the original recipe (mas o menos), but I wanted to make it with more whole grain. Before, it was 50% WG rye and 50% bread flour. This one is 77% whole grain.

This loaf was tweaked a little from my past loaves. Here are the flours I used, with bakers percentages. It is a 78% hydration.

50% Sprouted Rye Flour
21% Sprouted White Wheat Flour
21% White Bread Flour
8% Vital Wheat Gluten

It also has molasses, salt, anise seed, fennel seed, caraway seed, and zest of orange. The original recipe can be found on Breadtopia

I substituted  42g gluten for 42g bread flour in case it lost some height because of added whole grain wheat. Rye has gluten but not the kind we want for a high rising bread. If you buy commercial rye bread at a grocery, it is likely to contain very little rye flour. And if you buy rye bread with a high percentage of rye flour, it is a short, squatty little loaf. So adding bread flour and gluten makes up for the rye and the WG wheat, which also has less rise than white bread flour.

I also changed the starter, pretty significantly. Since starting this sourdough journey, I have been maintaining a sourdough starter by feeding it regularly. Every time you feed a starter you have to discard some. There are many ways to use the discard but often, it is just thrown away. No one likes to throw away food, especially me.

My new starter method eliminates having to throw away starter by using a stiff mother to build a levain from. I’m giving this new method a good trial and I am maintaining my old starter, just in case. I got the idea from someone on a sourdough Facebook group who has forgotten more about sourdough than I will ever learn, so I’m very confident it is good. But it’s my starter at risk! Sourdough bakers get a little attached to their starters. Even newbie home bakers like me.

More details in a future post.



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