The Esteemed Bialy (Sourdough, of course)

Bialys are a cross between great pizza crust and bagels. Imagine a nicely browned, crunchy, puffed up rim of a pizza, with a dollop of sauteed onions and garlic.

I mostly choose bread recipes with whole grain flours. I like the taste, texture, and relatively higher nutrition of whole grains. Some recipes call for a mix of white flours and whole grains, but I prefer the mixes having the greater proportion of whole grain.

This recipe I just prepared has 15% rye and 85% white bread flour. I will try this recipe with a greater proportion of whole grain but this is my first attempt at bialys. I have some sprouted white whole wheat that will likely make a good bialy but I wanted to go with mostly white refined bread flour first. It may be a big mistake because my family may get spoiled with the white flour batch.

You can find the recipe here: MyDailySourdoughBread. I’ve never baked bialys before but have always loved them when I could get them. Bagels are everywhere but bialys are almost scarce in comparison.

Here are the ingredients: flour, water, salt. Plus garlic and onions (and poppy seed if available).

75g whole rye flour
75g water
15g Mother starter

All above levain
400g flour
270g water
8g salt
onions, coarsely chopped
garlic, smashed and chopped

I started the levain late evening and prepared the dough early the next morning at 07:30. Mix, autolyse, add salt, several stretch and folds with rests between, rest, shape, rest, shape again, add onion/garlic mixture. Transferred to preheated pizza stone by 13:30 and baked for 20 minutes.

I like to prepare such recipes, including pizza crust, on parchment paper on counter. I then slide the paper with prepped dough onto a pizza peel and then slide, including parchment paper, onto the baking stone. Extracting from the hot oven when done is by lifting a corner of the paper and inserting the peel under the paper and pulling the paper onto the peel. See above link for detailed recipe. As you can see, I baked eight bialys, with three plain and five with onions and garlic. It’s a very easy recipe.

First photo shows final shape before adding sauteed onions and garlic. Second (clockwise) shows addition of onions and garlic. Third shows cooked bialys, and fourth shows closeup of crumb. The crust is light and crunchy and the crumb, as you can see, is open and delicate. Hours later the crust is not as crunchy but can be revived with a few minutes in a toaster oven.

Here is a nice little HuffPostarticle on bialys: Why The Bialy Is Better Than Any Bagel You Have Ever Had



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