Easy Whole Wheat Sourdough

This recipe for a 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf is as good as it is easy. I obtained it from Elly’s Everyday YouTube video. You can also find her on Facebook. I made one small change in the procedure as shown on her video by changing the start time. It looked as though the baking would be done late on the second day, so I started the process at 0645 of Day 1 so I would be baking in mid morning of Day 2.

Elly’s Easy Whole Wheat Sourdough

450g WW flour (I used hard white winter)

405g Water

130g Starter (mine is 100% rye)

9g Salt

Day 1

06:45 Prepare starter. 65G rye, 65g water. Allow to develop at RT.

Autolyse: Mix water and flour until fully hydrated. Cover and refrigerate 12 hours.

After 12 hours in fridge

18:45 Spread out dough and spread starter over dough. Work into dough by pressing with fingers. Fold over and sprinkle salt. Spread several times and fold, sprinkling salt. Stretch and fold just to incorporate starter and salt. Knead gently a few minutes just to incorporate all. Knead until it becomes sticky and wet.

18:55 Bulk Ferment overnight at RT in covered bowl until double and bubbly, about 12 hours.

Day 2

06:45 Stretch and fold in bowl every 15 minutes four times for one hour. Gently to incorporate air.

07:55 Form loaf, tightening upper surface. Form boule or into tin.

Final proof for about two hours until wobbly and squiggly. Spray top with water.

10:00 Cook in preheated oven at 450F about 40 minutes. Or cover for 25 and uncover for 15, if cooking in cloche or Dutch oven.

10:40 Cool on rack. Wait about two hours for first slice. Yields a two pound loaf.




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