OMG Sourdough Rye-Next Chapter

    And I’m sure there will be more chapters coming. Look back on this blog for more posts on this favorite bread.  I have baked it many times and followed the original recipe (mas o menos), but I wanted to make it with more whole grain. Before, it was 50% WG rye and 50%… Continue reading OMG Sourdough Rye-Next Chapter

Banana Bread, Whole Grain Sourdough

I’m always on the lookout for good ways to use discarded sourdough starter and this banana bread makes the list of good ones. It’s easy to throw together and is hard to eat just one slice without going for more. The recipe can be found at The Perfect Loaf but you have to scroll down the page… Continue reading Banana Bread, Whole Grain Sourdough

Tweaking the OMG Sourdough

  This is easily our favorite bread of all I have baked. Every time I bake a different bread, Wife says, “Yeah, it’s good, but that rye is the best. Make it next, okay?” I had trouble with the hydration the first time. I could handle the gloopy dough but I had trouble getting it… Continue reading Tweaking the OMG Sourdough